Operation Christmas Joy

2019 ~Celebrating 17 Years of Giving to Our Community

Operation Christmas Joy was birthed from a need identified in the Charlotte County, New Brunswick community.  Don and Linda McGee, founders of the program, had a burden on their hearts that every child in Charlotte County, NB and to our American Neighbors in Washington County, ME on a case by case bases, have a Christmas experience. They wanted to see all children regardless of circumstances receive a full Christmas. They also wanted to involve the parent or parents of that child or children to participate in a program and take ownership of giving their child that special gift that only a parent could do.   Families that are experiencing temporary hardship are identified through referral, word of mouth, advertising and other local assistance programs.  The program partners and works very closely with other local assistance programs to determine that all referrals are not duplicated or picked up by another organization or a corporate sponsor.    100% of all donations and gifts go directly to those families in need.    We are currently in our 16th year and have helped over 1400 families and Nearly 3,000 children enjoy a complete Christmas.  We would like to personally thank all of the program support that has been received over the years as well as those that have freely given of their time.